Internet of the future

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Last September the Internet turned 40. I think it’s safe to say that no technology has evolved so much in so little time. Even in the past fifteen years or so, it has completely reinvented itself; several times. We now shop, bank, work and meet people online, we share what we are doing at any given moment on Facebook and Twitter. We read, listen and watch everything. We Digg, rate, share and favorite content daily.

So what comes after this? How will the internet be different in the years to come?

Would handlng cash become a bane, and everything automated become a norm?

Here’s another thing that might probably happen in the near future! Mr. Choy has probably showed this but i feel it proves my point!

I don’t feel the need to ruin this post with many words, i believe the internet of the future is for us to shape and not defined by any one person. We will no doubt see several innovations over the years, some good, some just plain bad, but ultimately, we will progress further than we have ever gone before and i await this day.

This concludes my posts for COM125, i would like to add that i have learnt a lot the past few weeks and i had a fun time attending this course. Although we seem to know a lot about the internet, there is actually much more where it came from, what we know only scratches the surface.

Here’s a joke to end off!


The giants

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Any tech savvy person in our generation would know about Apple, Google, and microsoft. For those who do not..

Let’s get the ball rolling, first and foremost, everyone has heard of Apple. the media giant has wow-ed the world with their innovative products such the iPhone, iPad, their seamless line of aluminium laptops, the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air lines. Literally everyone owns at least one product for Apple, especially in Singapore where brand names seem to be everything, if you do not own an Apple product, you aren’t cool. (Seriously?) But we have admit that Apple products are appealing, and the company sure knows how to advertise their items.

How can you say no to that?

However, Apple wasn’t always a place of fairytales where dreams came true, there was a period where Apple was suffering and Apple looked more like this





A common theme in both photos is the appearance of Steve Jobs. Jobs was the life to the Apple, he provided the nutrients required for it to grow, nurtured it when it was about to die and made it what is is today.  His unparalleled vision spurred the company on to great success, but now that the father of Apple is no longer around. Will Apple continue to grow and expand past its current lineup of products or perish into oblivion.

If it is not on Google’s first page, it does not exist!

In comparison, Google is poised to take commanding lead in the market.  It has almost complete control of the internet which gives it both an excellent base to expand upon. It has heavily targeted high-growth areas as well, notably mobile devices. Although Google isn’t likely to compete seriously against Microsoft in the operating systems and applications markets, it will gain enough revenue from its offerings to make it a player in those businesses. 

Google has become something of a childhood name to anyone who utilises the internet. Most of us use Google as our main search engine.

As each company looks to encroach on the turf of the others, which one will win? And which will fail?

Journalism has changed drastically over the years. It used to be dignified and only a select few people were chosen to write article that would be remembered by the masses.

However, the modern age has changed the face of journalism because almost anyone can become one! Journalism is no long what it once was, where people rushed out to take photographs of life changing events, and put soulful words onto paper to inspire people. Journalists back then did everything out of the joy of writing, unlike “journalists” of now. Articles were written with the sole purpose of telling a  story, it didn’t matter if people agreed or disagreed with them. They told their side of the story, and that was it.

People of the new age are more occupied with revenue more than anything. Money makes the world go round, and journalists are no doubt affected by this. Let’s take a walk back to World War 2. Journalists ventured into battlefields to capture images and bring the stories of the war home for their countryfolk to see. There was little money involved, no doubt we see current journalists walking in the footsteps of their predecessors , however, there is monetary incentive which wasn’t available in the past. Journalists now only take risks when it is profitable. What has happened to the once noble job that incited respect among so many people everywhere.

This makes me think twice about my prospects as a journalist in the foreseeable future.


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If you haven’t already seen the Kony Video!

Joseph Kony, the leader of the Lord’s resistance Army (LRA) in Uganda fights to maintain power and nothing else. Many crimes have been committed by Kony and his army. He abducted kids and committed mass murder,  and gives them weapons to mutilate and kill for his own pleasure.

The KONY video has been surfacing everywhere online, it is being shared on Facebook at an alarming rate, and i see several of my friends commenting on the givings in the videos. This made me wonder if social media is affecting us a little to much for comfort.

The effect social media has on us can easily be seen by there sheer number of comments of mindless followers who comment for the sake of commenting. they follow the majority, even if they MIGHT be wrong. Firstly there are many ideas that the KONY video is a ploy for the Invisible Children Organisation to profit. Is Invisible Children a scam? Why are the staff salaries so high, they are being overpaid. Finally, no one even knows if Joseph Kony is still alive, throughout the video, the topic on there whereabouts of Joseph Kony was avoided. This makes me wonder if Invisible Children is a reliable source of information.

I’m not saying what Joseph Kony did was right, but what if we looked at it from another perspective?

HOWEVER, we cannot argue that Invisible Children’s goal isn’t noble, because even if Kony is dead, there are many more like him in Africa and it wouldn’t hurt to help children against these tyrants as well. Even though a mere 13% of profits actually go to Africa, it is better than zilch. all this is not mentioned in the video and people support his cause without even finding out more about it, luckily for these people, the cause is just and they would not be putting their faith and money in the wrong place.

Despite giving an opposite account of the usual feelings people have towards Kony, i still support the cause, and the man behind it.

Imagine looking at a webpage that has nothing. No sound, videos, pictures of any sort. Imagine the level of depression you would feel looking at such a bland site. FEAR NO MORE for the modern internet has brought about a revolution in the way web pages are built and presented to the world. We no longer view websites as a string of texts, there are videos that give the site a form of entertainment, some even have music in the background to occupy the user’s mind. Majority of websites now have RSS feeds that offer real time update to users who subscribe to it.

The introduction of multiple sources of media into a website is changing that way  people view things. One example is Carbonmade.

“In December 2005, Dave was grumping about how expensive it was to put his illustration work online. His code wizard cohort Jason wondered, How hard could it be to make an online portfolio site ourselves? Flush with the thrill of an experiment, they put their noggins together over Christmas week and feverishly whipped up the very first iteration of the site you’re on now. Whoo!  Even though Carbonmade was originally meant as a tool to make life easier for Dave and fellow designer pals, its popularity grew by leaps and bounds. Rather than keep it to themselves, they opened it up for everyone and their mothers to love. (Talented ladies. The lot of ‘em.) In 2007, things were trucking along well enough for the boys to drop all remaining client work and put their brainstuffs behind Carbonmade full time. Not a bad idea because it’s now home to nearly 400,000 nifty portfolios and an ever-growing team of talented doofuses who love making neat things.” –

This is an extremely simple to use website that uses pictures and smooth transitions and animations to encourage users to work here. Looking at the numbers alone, more than one million projects

with seven million images! This site posts impressive stats for a website created without the intention of become a business. Furthermore, it was created for less technically inclined people, which is the majority of users. Here is a tutorial for you guys if you are interested in creating your own portfolio!

The effect of using pictures is evident and appealing here as most users who would come here would probably use an array of pictures in their portfolios.

The simplicity of the site makes it appealing to users, allowing their imaginations to run wild, which is required in the creation of a portfolio. Now, would you rather be one websites like this? or sites like the one below?!

The destruction of Troy

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Many of us have heard the story of Troy’s impenetrable walls and how the Greeks finally bested them after 10 fruitless years, by presenting them with a huge wooden horse and pretending to sail away. The Trojans dragged the horse into their city as a trophy of their victory. Much to their horror, the horse was just a vessel for the Greeks to enter the city by hiding within it. That night the Greek force crept out of the horse and opened the gates for the rest of the Greek army, which had sailed back under cover of night. The Greeks entered and destroyed the city of Troy, decisively ending the war.

Fast forward to the modern age, one with computers and the internet, which we know connects millions of devices to one another through the internet.

Let’s make a simple analogy to simplify things, the are the Trojans. Hackers and evil people out there who want to mess with our computers are the Greeks. The horse is their vessel and passport to complete access to our computers without us even knowing. How’s that for shocking? Like in the story, the Trojan horse itself isn’t harmful, it’s the multitude of payloads which include spyware and malware that gets installed on your computer through the Trojan horse virus. Here’s a video to explain more about the process behind how computers get affected and the effects.

One important component i feel that is really worth talking about would be the BOTNETS. It sis mentioned in the video as a zombie army. Many people do not realise that their computers might in fact be a victim of these botnets, where a remote user has control over hundreds of thousands of computers with the help of a Trojan horse to bypass their firewall and a worm to continue spreading it around from one computer to another.

This is EXTREMELY profitable for the creator of the program. Imagine if he makes every single computer under his control click on his advertisement, that would make him thousands of dollars a day. You might think that so many clicks at the same time would alert authorities but these people created elaborate viruses, do you really think they would be unable to randomise the clicking at appropriate intervals? Furthermore, some adverts pay just to have their ads displayed on the computer, without the need to click.

So before you click on an ad that pops up on your computer in the future, you might want to think about this!ps. you shouldn’t be using IE. Just sayin’

My Video!

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This Video was dont by me several years ago! and it was editted as well! HERE GOES! IT MIGHT BE OBSCENE TO SOME PEOPLE! HAHA

Me and my classmate “dancing” on stage after lessons